Accelerate is the leading platform for carriers, brokers, financial advisers, and independent brokers to create, personalize and deliver highly tailored consumer and customer media and documents.

Accelerate is a sales and marketing-driven platform that allows sales and account managers to leverage templated and custom content to build Proposal, RFPs, Scope of Services documents or any mission critical customer / consumer facing material.

Full CRM integration means that detailed and summary account records are created in Salesforce and HubSpot when Accelerate users create and email documents AND when recipients open and view them!

The Accelerate Digital Asset Library allows agents, brokers, and representatives to fully customize and personalize existing PDFs, videos and other media.

eBenefitsIQ is the only personalized, self-service Voluntary Benefits enrollment platform which incorporates the power of employee psychographics.

Consumer Segmentation and Actionable Insights

There are five psychographic segments, each with a unique set of motivations and communication preferences. Five people may purchase Short-Term Disability Insurance, but, for different reasons! eBenefitsIQ matches the message with their behavior and motivation.

eBenefitsIQ targets and delivers Voluntary Benefits messaging that resonates and dramatically enhances retention.

Personalized Video: One-to-one with the employee and their employer

Personalized video is the ideal method to increase employee engagement and response rates. Employee names and employer logos can be seamlessly included in videos, a personalization technique which has historically increased engagement by 220%.

The end result is better employee education, greater employee participation, greater total premium per group . . . and greater satisfaction by corporate H.R.!

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