No two people are the same. Personalization and one-to-one communications is the key to delivering the right message, to the right person at the right time. With the ConsumerOptix platform, insurance and financial services organizations can segment their consumer base and deliver messages which are not only personalized and tailored but which are proven to cut through the noise.

ConsumerOptix now brings the power of personalized, interactive media and consumer psychographics to InsureTech and FinTech,
. . . and things are getting interesting.


Personalized interactive media allows organizations to target and deliver highly tailored content in the B2B2C model. Marketing teams, wholesalers, financial advisers, brokers and agents can now create and deliver personalized content to executives, H.R. Directors, employees, insureds and consumers which is proven to crate engagement and results.

Psychographics and consumer segmentation is being leveraged today by the top consumer products and healthcare marketers and communications specialists. Personalized interactive media is the best way to operationalize psychographics and ConsumerOptix is the only company in the world that is doing it today.

Together, personalized interactive media and consumer segmentation form the basis of our tagline: Engage. Convert. Retain. Please contact us to learn more!



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