ConsumerOptix is the only InsureTech company in the world that:

  • Enables insurance and financial services companies to access, create, customize and deliver B2B2C media that:
    • Is Personalized and tailored to the recipient
    • Stands as a multi-user, team sell oriented platform
    • Enables users to leverage reusable document templates
    • Fully integrates with leading CRM platforms such as Salesforce and HubSpot
  • Operationalizes consumer psychographics and consumer segmentation with personalized interactive video

  • Enables carriers, employee benefits brokers, wholesalers, P&C brokers and agents to deliver create, personalize and provide employer and employee solutions driven by consumer segmentation 24/7 in a completely secure, cloud platform.
  • Provides employers with a 24/7 online employee benefits enrollment platform with full employee personalization, psychographics and message segmentation.
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