Personalized, Psychographics-based Employee Benefits Enrollment

eBenefitsIQ is the only personalized, self-service Voluntary Benefits enrollment platform which incorporates the power of employee psychographics. A Unum hosting partner, eBenefitsIQ reaches employees 24/7, where they are and speaks to them in a way compatible to them and their psychographic segment.

The secret? A proprietary, unmatched personalized digital platform that leverages employee psychographics to explain the enhanced benefits available . . . with our Call Center staffed with career benefits counselors supporting the unique needs of each benefits enrollment.

Consumer Psychographics

There are five psychographic segments, each with a unique set of motivations and communication preferences. Five people may purchase Short-Term Disability Insurance, but, for different reasons! eBenefitsIQ matches the message with their behavior and motivation. eBenefitsIQ targets and delivers Voluntary Benefits messaging that resonates and dramatically enhances retention.

Psychographics is about people’s attitudes, values, lifestyles and personalities and are the key to understanding their motivations. Segmenting consumers by these characteristics allows eBenefitsIQ to target and deliver communications that resonate more effectively and increase the likelihood of a desired behavior.

Personalized Video: One-to-one with the employee and their employer

Personalized video is the ideal method to increase employee engagement and response rates. Employee names and employer logos can be seamlessly included in videos, a personalization technique which has historically increased engagement by 220%.

The eBenefitsIQ personalized video platform inserts
“Personalized Poster Images” in outbound emails which include the employee’s
name and employer logo. Personalized Poster Images increase ‘CTR’ by over 400%.

Simple. Easy. Intuitive.

The eBenefitsIQ platform was designed from the ground up for the employee experience and is the most intuitive consumer platform available today.

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