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ConsumerOptix Future Discussed in the Dayton Business Journal

Dayton, OH

January 8 , 2020

- ConsumerOptix Expansion Plans Highlighted in Dayton Business Journal -


"One of Dayton's fast-growing startups has plans to continue its momentum into the new year, with aims at generating new business funding and debuting new services.

ConsumerOptix, a front office insurtech company, has been seeing spurts of growth for much of 2019. The company has been developing its two staple products, Accelerate and eBenefitsIQ. Accelerate is a platform used to create tailored customer media and materials, while eBenefitsIQ is a self-service voluntary benefits enrollment platform which utilizes employee psychographics.

Alongside product developments and business growth, the company will be one of the Dayton Arcade's tenants, once renovations are completed.

To recap this year and to see what's in store for the company, I spoke to ConsumerOptix Founder James O'Hara, who noted many key focuses for 2020.

Looking back on 2019, how was this past year for ConsumerOptix? ConsumerOptix is a front office insurtech company that intelligently automates and personalized the consumer insurance experience. This year, the company raised $750,000, hiring three new employees. The company also acquired several new tier one clients including Nationwide and The Hartford.

Heading into 2020, what are some of your top goals for the company? ConsumerOptix has several bold initiatives planned for the new year, including:

  • Introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning into its insurtech platform.
  • Incorporating real-time consumer insights to enhance the consumer experience.
  • Making its insurtech platform 100 percent self-service and enabling integrations with industry leaders including Microsoft and iPipeline.

Are there any plans for more hirings or fundraising efforts for the company? The company is in the midst of a $1 million capital raise which will be complete in quarter one of 2020. We're also currently scouring the Dayton region's rich talent pool to add software engineers and client managers.

Are there any new products in the works? In 2020, ConsumerOptix will introduce a new life insurance quoting and application platform and a self-service communication module for insurance sales brokers, agents and corporate HR managers.

Why is Dayton a good place to do business? Dayton has a long track record as a breeding ground for innovation and technology. The state of Ohio has rewarded our region, via The Entrepreneurs Center, to ensure that these innovators will stay in Dayton and continue the growth of high-end jobs. The region is blessed to have the University of Dayton serving as a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship."

Source: Dayton Business Journal