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ConsumerOptix adds powerful Administrative tools to Accelerate

Dayton, OH

April 12, 2019

- Accelerate 2.5 Goes Live Today -

ConsumerOptix President Brian Kipp announced today the release of Accelerate 2.5 which brings an advanced Administrative tool set to the company’s personalized sales media delivery platform. “This upgrade makes Accelerate fully scalable ”, said Kipp. “Accelerate administrators now have full control over the platform’s configuration and content”.

Accelerate’s new Admin functions allow platform administrators to now:

  • Configure Categories and sub-Categories in the DocGenIQ module
  • Create, modify or delete sales document content
  • Upload and manage all media properties including the personalization of videos, PDF’s, podcasts, and MS Office documents in the Digital Asset Library
  • Add, update or delete users
  • Manage user and system permissions

“This is a game changer”, said Lanaya Nelson of The Lift Factor, the Connecticut-based insurance marketing group (www.theliftfactor.com) “Our clients are no longer willing to call upon technology providers to manage platform configuration, content and permissions. This new tool set puts administrators in complete control of the Accelerate experience”, said Nelson.

The company also confirmed today that it is nearing completion of the Accelerate RFP module and it is scheduled for wide release in early May of 2019.

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