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ConsumerOptix adds another eBenefitsIQ client success story

Dayton, OH

June 14, 2019

– TangramFlex Deploys eBenefitsIQ for Voluntary Benefits Enrollment –

ConsumerOptix announced today that Tangram Flex, Inc. has deployed eBenefitsIQ as its perpetual Voluntary Benefits enrollment platform. Tangram Flex, a spinout from Galois, Inc., is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio and is the provider of Tangram Pro™, AI-based software development tools designed to equip the systems engineering community with tools for faster, safer development of cyber-physical systems. With Tangram Pro, system capabilities can be built, rebuilt, and integrated in less time to meet advancing market demands.

“The results from our initial deployment with Tangram are encouraging”, said O’Hara. “We are achieving the same employee participation and engagement results of the more costly, on-site enrollment solutions and the less effective paper based or even on-line self-service enrollment models”.

 “The eBenefitsIQ platform greets our employees with personalized, interactive video messages”, said Matt Farrell of Tangram Flex. “Psychographics segmentation means that each employee is able to learn about the value of benefits with educational messaging which is most targeted to their individual consumer segment”.

ConsumerOptix launched eBenefitsIQ this year with the objective of driving insurance premium for carriers and, in turn, commissions for employee benefits nationwide. The combination of consumer psychographics and personalized interactive video is the foundation of eBenefitsIQ.

“eBenefitsIQ cracks the financial and performance model for the employee benefits broker”, said O’Hara. “We’re driving engagement, participation, premium, and commissions – and brokers across the country are taking notice.”

About ConsumerOptix
ConsumerOptix (consumeroptix.com) is a front-office InsurTech consumer engagement company and the creators of Accelerate, a platform to create and deliver highly personalized sales media and eBenefitsIQ a psychographics-driven employee benefits enrollment platform.

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