Personalized InsurTech Sales Media Delivery Platform

Accelerate is the leading platform for carriers, brokers, financial advisers, and independent brokers to create, personalize and deliver highly tailored consumer and customer media and materials.

It’s a marketing-centric platform that allows sales and account managers to leverage templated and custom content to build Proposal, RFPs, Scope of Services documents or any mission critical customer / consumer document.

The key component to Accelerate is the document generator. Users are provided easy access to marketing and compliance group content, text and images and can include, ignore or edit. The system allows users to incorporate media from the corporate digital asset library, their own Accelerate cloud-based library . . . or their computer!

Full CRM integration means that detailed and summary account records are created in Salesforce and HubSpot when users create and email documents AND when recipients open and view them!

The Accelerate Digital Asset Library allows agents, brokers, and representatives to fully customize and personalize existing PDFs, videos and other media . . . and then deliver them via email to customers, employers, and consumers!

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