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Accelerate For Direct To Consumer/Online

Request a Demo ConsumerOptix has the customer-centric background and experience to help organizations compliment their agent-assisted sales strategy & meet customer expectations online. The Digitization of Insurance
Accelerate for Direct to Consumer / Online

Individually Engage with Insurance Consumers to Drive Retention & Insurance Premium

Accelerate for Direct to Consumer puts insurance and financial services organizations in a position to know their customers better which helps improve service, efficiency, engagement and profits.

Simple, 24/7 &
Quick Quote Delivery

Clear, Relevant & Tailored Educational Content

A Personalized Platform for Increasing Sales

A large P&C carrier increased insurance premium by 28% and CTR by 149% using Accelerate

Every facet of the insurance value chain will be impacted by digitization, including customer interactions

Over 20% of consumers, ages 18-49, purchase insurance online. Digital technology can be used to provide customers with a satisfying experience and foster loyalty.

Understanding consumers on a more personal level, including their motivations, perceptions and behaviors can be leveraged to build long-term connections.

Accelerate, by ConsumerOptix, delivers online for carriers and independent brokers by supplementing behavioral and demographic information with messaging that resonates.

  • Intelligent automation of educational content
  • Operationalizing deep consumer insights
  • Enhancing the insurance sales process using personalized interactive video

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