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Accelerate for Carriers

Request a Demo Embrace personalized media and video to educate, engage, and enroll new and existing clients. Intelligently Automate Insurance Education & Acquisition Processes to Establish Long-term Connections Accelerate for Carriers

Maximize Voluntary Benefit Participation While Increasing Commissions

Simplify open enrollment and increase engagement by operationalizing consumer insights with personalized, interactive video. The Accelerate platform incorporates advanced consumer insights to provide a one-to-one engagement experience.

Easily Understood

Inform, Educate and Drive Engagement and Participation.
Engage with employees prior, during and after Open Enrollment. Every voluntary insurance benefit offered (life, hospital indemnity, accident, critical illness, disability, etc.) is customized to each employee and explained in an easy-to-understand format, helping to ensure employees make the right choices for their families.

Online Self-Service Model

Accelerate Reaches Employees 24/7, Were They Are.
Employees are spoken to personally, based on their own consumer profile. How effective are all-employee benefit meetings coupled with enrollment materials? It is time to deliver employee communications, education & content in the means and manner your group employees want while maximizing profit for the carrier and agency.

Deep Consumer Insights

Insurance Voluntary Benefits Education is Not a One Size Fits All Value Proposition.
People are different, consumers are unique. Five people may be interested in Life Insurance or Short-Term Disability Insurance, but the reasons they are interested are specific to them. Demographics play a role but we go beyond that. Our model also incorporates psychographics and deep consumer insights to understand the behaviors and attitudinal differences in consumers that drive benefits purchasing decisions.

Carrier & BenAdmin System-agnostic

Our 100% Focus is on Engaging & Educating Employees.
ConsumerOptix and Accelerate will work with your existing Voluntary Benefits Carrier & Benefits Administration systems. Accelerate tailors the benefits educational content to each user but leaves the actual enrollment to the employer’s Benefits Administration system of choice.

for Carriers – Additional Use Cases

Insurance carriers are utilizing our platform in a variety of ways to better educate and connect with employees and consumers who purchase voluntary benefits, financial services and various insurance products. From some of the largest voluntary benefits carriers to a very specialized Property & Casualty carrier, organizations are better engaging with consumers while seeing increases in click-through rates and premiums.

Boost Engagement and Drive Outcomes

Accelerate helps Financial Services advisors develop a unique story and value proposition to differentiate themselves in a very competitive market. The advisor can answer the “What makes you different?” question by demonstrating how they have the expertise to help solve their clients’ problems. Whether its reinforcing the importance of contributing to a retirement plan or advising on holistic financial wellness solutions beyond retirement (including voluntary insurance), let Accelerate help you become a trusted advisor and win more business.

Visualizing Savings Goals via Personalized Video

The ConsumerOptix Accelerate solution is being leveraged by one of the largest insurance carriers and their financial retirement group, specifically for their retirement planning platform. Personalized video is integrated into the platform to educate group employees on the importance of taking full advantage of the benefits time can afford you in planning for retirement. Planning for retirement is a marathon, not a sprint. To be successful it is best to start out slow and steady, building strength and stamina as you go and increasing conditioning.

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