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Accelerate 2.0 Released

Dayton, OH

February 1, 2019

- ConsumerOptix flagship sales media delivery platform receives significant upgrades-

Today, ConsumerOptix announced the release of Accelerate 2.0, its flagship sales media delivery platform. "Accelerate has undergone a wide-ranging upgrade", said ConsumerOptix co-founder, James O'Hara. "Today's Accelerate offers enhanced user functions, a more rich Administrator tool-set, and broader Salesforce integration", he said.

Brian Kipp, ConsumerOptix President and co-founder and architect of Accelerate, elaborated on some of the spectifics. "DocGenIQ (The Accelerate document generation module), the Digital Asset Library and the Administrator module have all undergone significant upgrades", he said.

"The ConsumerOptix team showed us Accelerate 2.0 last week and we were very impressed with the new functionality and capabilities", said David Homan, McGohan Brabender's VP of Strategy and Innovation. "Some of our consultants participated in a panel which contributed to many of the upgrades. We rolled out Accelerate 2.0 this week and our users and admin immediately took advantage of the new tools".

Accelerate 2.0 upgrades include:

  • Broader Salesforce integration
  • User Definable DocGenIQ Categories and Sub Categories and sorting
  • Customizable in-document user media placement
  • Upgraded user interface
  • Digital Asset Library – now with multiple customer carts
  • New Team Photo builder
  • New Admin tools to manage users, categories, and media

About ConsumerOptix
ConsumerOptix (www.consumeroptix.com) is an InsureTech and FinTech consumer engagement company and the makers of Accelerate, a platform to create and deliver highly personalized media and eBenefitsIQ a pyschographics-driven employee benefits enrollment platform.